Litigation Funding Solutions

Calumet Capital is a leading provider of Litigation Financing solutions

for Plaintiffs’ Law Firms and Service Providers

We understand the unique nature of Contingent-Fee Law firms and tailor solutions to the specific needs of each client

Strengthen your law firm with a proven financial partner

Calumet works closely with each client to understand their unique requirements and design optimal financing solutions. We have the balance sheet strength and operational expertise needed to allow you to focus on maximizing outcomes for your clients with confidence.

Financing Strategies

The Principals at Calumet have been delivering unique litigation financing solutions for over 15 years. We have developed numerous strategies to deploy capital in the most efficient and cost-effective ways. With a deep understanding of how contingent-fee based Plaintiffs’ firms operate, Calumet can optimize the way they finance their activities and drive growth. With a deep roster of some of the largest institutional investors in the world, Calumet has the size and strength to satisfy almost any capital need.

Law Firm Loans

Non-recourse Loans to provide for working capital needs and to accelerate firm growth

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Fee Acceleration

Loans secured by fees expected under a settlement agreement or awaiting claims processing in QSF or IOLTA

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Case Cost Financing

Finance client expenditures through our Case Cost Capital ® platform; Pursue litigation knowing you have a financial partner ready to provide the capital needed to go the distance

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Transition Planning

Monetize the value in your law firm; Calumet tailors solutions and provides capital to finance a sale or plan for the transition to other partners

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Discretion          Integrity         Experience


Calumet Capital understands the sensitive nature of Law Firm financial matters. We take our role as trusted advisor very seriously, with discretion and integrity as the cornerstones of our business. We also strive to continue to provide thought leadership and innovative solutions specifically designed for contingent-fee Law Firms.

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At Calumet Capital, we've built long-term relationships acting as both a strategic partner and capital provider. Law firms choose us for our domain expertise, collaborative approach, and innovative solutions to complex problems. Contact us today to discuss how we can partner with you.

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