About Calumet Capital

Cal·u·met / ˈkal·yü·metˈ

(the Potawatomi word used to describe the deep, still,

low-lying water on the south shore of Lake Michigan)


The Culture of Calumet

Culture is a critical aspect of our organization. We believe that the three characteristics describing the waters of Lake Michigan apply to our work at Calumet.

We strive to be a calming force for our clients, delivering clear thinking and strategic vision. We bring deep expertise and capital sufficient to satisfy any needs. Most importantly, we maintain a low profile, valuing discretion above all else.

Calumet’s leadership instills these values in every employee and through all of our partnerships. We believe that our guiding principles should reflect our mission to provide the capital and expertise necessary to navigate the difficult challenges all contingent-fee law firms face over time with the discretion and integrity they deserve.

Our Advantage

Our team consists of industry veterans with significant experience in law, technology, finance, and risk management. We have spent the past decade developing financing solutions for plaintiff’s firms practicing in single event, mass tort and class action cases.

Our engagements include securing working capital for marketing campaigns, case cost financing, fee acceleration and general firm expansion. We have originated over $800 million dollars in private placements and structured finance transactions, bringing a deep understanding of the needs of our contingent-fee law firm clients.

Our expertise allows you to focus on managing your practice, while we provide the financing and operational support you need for continued growth and increased profitability.

How We Work

We have spent over a decade focused on perfecting our funding operations. Over time, we’ve been able to streamline our process into five simple steps. This approach allows us to gather all of the information needed to quickly underwrite an opportunity, then craft a creative solution and close and fund with speed.

We recognize this process can be intrusive and time-consuming for our clients and their staff. We strive to simplify their involvement and limit the need for extra work as best possible. This approach gives us the speed, flexibility and agility necessary to meet your needs as quickly as possible with the least disruption to your business.

Initial Assessment

Each engagement begins with a discussion with firm leadership and an assessment of case characteristics, docket composition and initial valuation.

Indications of Interest

Upon the successful completion of preliminary assessment, we will issue an Indication of Interest, with the proposed terms and conditions and a commitment to complete the due diligence process.

Due Diligence

We complete a more comprehensive analysis of the firm and conduct random file audits to ensure consistency across the docket data. This includes detailed analysis of the various litigations and a more complete partner and firm-level review.


Underwriting includes our own thorough analysis of each of the major litigations represented in the docket. Valuation expectations are then matched against each specific client and case, with values further informed by severity of injury, proof of use and amount of evidence and verification.

Closing & Servicing

We work closely with client counsel to negotiate final terms, draft agreements and support documentation, and define closing processes with transparency and speed. Once we’ve closed and funded the loan, we ensure that reporting and compliance protocols are well defined and in place.

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At Calumet Capital, we've built long-term relationships acting as both a strategic partner and capital provider. Law firms choose us for our domain expertise, collaborative approach, and innovative solutions to complex problems. Contact us today to discuss how we can partner with you.

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