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Who We Are

Calumet Capital provides non-recourse loans to contingent-fee law firms. Our team has decades of experience in legal financing, technology, and litigation support. Our clients specialize in mass tort, class action, personal injury, and other complex litigation. We work closely with our clients to understand their business needs, support their operations, and drive growth.

Our Experience

We’ve placed more than $1 billion of private credit funding to law firms nationwide, with loans ranging from $5 million to $100+ million. Alongside capital investments, Calumet provides ongoing servicing and advisory support to our borrowers, ensuring a firm’s focus can remain on generating favorable outcomes for its clients.

Working with Us

Many contingent-fee law firms face similar challenges, but the ultimate needs and circumstances of each firm and its partners are unique. Each Calumet investment starts with a relationship, not just a term sheet; the foundation of our culture is based on integrity, discretion, and experience.

Our team’s years of experience working with law firms gives us familiarity with firm operations that banks and other lenders do not have. This allows Calumet to focus first and foremost on our clients, not overcoming a learning curve.

We have streamlined processes for underwriting, deal documentation, and loan servicing, to ensure we move through each stage of the loan lifecycle efficiently.