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Calumet Capital’s leadership includes professionals with financial, legal, technology and operational expertise, with a deep understanding of the complexities of contingent-fee legal practices. Calumet has helped to evaluate some of the most complex litigations and originated over $800 million of transactions throughout the Plaintiffs’ Firm community.

The team has extensive experience in the space, and have combined to develop a robust financing and consulting practice. We’ve accumulated a significant volume of data related to the critical characteristics of a litigation that lead to optimal outcomes. Combining this knowledge with a solid grasp of the operational and financial needs of contingent-fee firms, we’re positioned to provide flexible capital and operational expertise to a large roster of clients. We are proud to serve some of the largest and most successful single-event, mass tort and class action firms in the country.

Given the deep interconnectedness of firms specializing in these practice areas, we take great pride in being a longstanding member of this community and the many tremendous relationships we’ve established along the way.

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At Calumet Capital, we've built long-term relationships acting as both a strategic partner and capital provider. Law firms choose us for our domain expertise, collaborative approach, and innovative solutions to complex problems. Contact us today to discuss how we can partner with you.

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