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Our clients partner with Calumet to sustain and grow their practices. Investments are used for recapitalization, funding operations, developing existing matters, and acquiring new cases. Calumet financing allows firms to focus on practicing law and grow at the pace of their ability, not short-term capital constraints.

Term Loans

Calumet offers non-recourse working capital loans backed by existing case inventory, mitigating the investment life cycle and cash-flow inherent in contingency fee practice.

Firms use proceeds to support ongoing operational expenses, client advances, and growth-oriented marketing efforts. Loans are secured by the firm’s entire portfolio of cases or select litigations covered by a master settlement agreement.

Case Cost Financing

Calumet has developed a proprietary platform to support the tracking of individual case expenses and common benefit costs to the appropriate client files. Calumet will fund case costs, including direct payments to vendors on behalf of law firm borrowers. We can then, according to firm policies, allocate interest charges to client accounts.

Transition Planning

Calumet provides the capital necessary for law firm founders and principals to transfer all or part of their interest to junior partners, next generation family members, or outside law firms. We advise on standard terms and structure, and finance the transaction to ensure optimal outcomes for all parties.